Bird mystery solved.

We’ve been seeing some very small, very animated birds in our yard and have not been able to identify them using the very small, limited field guide that I have.  Their most striking feature is the stripe of bright yellow that appears on either side of their tails:

image from

I told Bev about them, but she had never seen or heard of them before.  Ironically, after I left her house with my booty of plants and tools and seeds, guess who showed up in her yard?  Thanks to Bev, we now know what we are looking at – it’s the American Redstart!

image from

They have some fancy footwork and are one of the few birds that spend any time on the ground / in the lower part of our trees – either the feral cat population wards other birds off, or the the other birds (including some of the Greenwood Cemetery parrots and another large, brown bird with speckled white spots) must prefer to hang out higher up.

These little yellow flashers are delightful – I hope they stick around.  Maybe I’ll even get lucky and some of them will choose one of the bird houses I’m putting out….we’ll see.

image from

For now, we’ll enjoy while they’re here.


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