Official Unveiling of The Mystery Rose

It’s a mystery no more…she has started to bloom her socks off and it looks like this is just the beginning.  Three open and twenty-four more buds on the way!  I wish I’d had my camera (these were taken with my phone, so not the best quality – DRATS.) I just can’t wait to take more, though, and must share my excitement!

The red of this lovely rose has turned out to be a much different red than the garage wall behind it…much brighter and richer and alive.  I have always been drawn to lighter-colored roses, but I must admit that this one has won me over.  It’s just gorgeous and I’m so thankful for this wonderful, free gift that just came with the yard when we moved in!

We are looking forward to many more blooms – and to showing off this beauty over the weekend when have our first backyard BBQ since moving in. Just in time!

A Sneak Peek at the Mystery Rose

Not long ago I posted about our “Mystery Rose,” which was either planted by the previous tenants or by the landlord.  We don’t know how long ago it was planted, and I wasn’t even sure it was going to make it.  When we moved in last August it did not look well – lots of old, dead wood and canes and not much growth.

I went to town with the pruners, hacking some down to nearly the ground and leaving other canes there in case I was somehow screwing up – I figured if I’m doing something wrong then maybe it will only affect half the plant and I’ll at least be able to see what results I get from my pruning.

The rose seemed very  happy to have been pruned and has a lush show of green leaves now and – TWENTY SEVEN buds!

Until two days ago we had no idea what color they would be or what to expect at all.   Then I saw this:

I would have put my money on someone choosing a color that contrasted with the red concrete garage wall behind the rose, but not so – it’s nearly the same color!

There are many buds getting ready to open, and I still don’t know exactly what these climbing roses will look like as they pop, but we now know what color to expect!  I might not have chosen this color myself, but hey – I’m just happy to have a healthy rose bush climbing away out there – it’s nearly 7 feet tall and still climbing higher.   The dark green foliage will really set off the bright red/fuchsia blooms.

Two days ago there were only two buds that looked like this:

This morning there were a dozen!  It’s very exciting!  I wonder if they will have any scent?   We will know very soon.

I have since noticed that many of the neighbors on our block have the same color rose out in pots in front of their house – only one light yellow rose among all these bright reds.  Is it an old Italian thing?  Did someone give cuttings to all the neighbors?

Actually,  it looks like it might be a similar color to the  rose that Mimi rescued last year over at Gardening in The Boroughs of New York.  (look at her last photo with the bud just appearing.)

Mimi, we’ll have to compare these climbers when they bloom!