A Thing of Beauty…

No, it’s not a cherry blossom or the daffodils that just this morning opened up in my backyard for the first time….but it is almost equally beautiful.

Behold my new FELCO PRUNING SAW <enter angelic singing here>

In the holster….

and out…

The blade is 13″ long.  Good thing it comes with that holster!  The holster has an attachment that allows you to buckle / loop it onto a belt.

We were amazed at the amount of pruning we had to do last fall in the yard of our new apartment.  There are several Forsythias, some sort of (we think) cherry tree, several Privets, and two large Rose of Sharons in addition to lots of smaller shrubs.  Not to mention the incredibly big FIG trees with their 3-4 inch thick branches.  (They are really big, really old trees.)  The figs got cut back nearly in half last fall.

All of the pruned branches and brush are piled up and completely covering our parking space in the driveway.  We don’t have a car but occasionally rent one and will soon need that space…not to mention we just want the brush out of there.  NYC Sanitation will come pick up bundles, but they have to be cut down to a certain size.

The poor old saw we found in the garage has certainly seen better days.  I tried to saw some relatively thin Holly stalks with it and I might as well have been using a butter knife.

It was definitely time to invest in something good and something that will last (and something that won’t render my hand unusable for any other task for the next 30 minutes.)  My friend Bev gave me a Felco hand pruner last year and it has changed my life – my gardening life anyway.  I decided to go with them again for the larger hand saw.

I think these teeth will be able to handle quite a bit…