Flower Theft #1

The first flower theft of the year…and hopefully the LAST.

Last fall I planted a bunch of crocus and daffodil bulbs out front in the wells around the two trees in front of our house.

I hoped it would beautify things a bit and maybe inspire others to plant a few flowers or care a little bit about plants, the appearance of our block, etc.

I’ve been keeping them free of the inevitable trash and litter and waiting patiently for them to bloom.  The crocuses came up, but never bloomed.  Odd, since the same crocuses were extraordinarily beautiful in my backyard.  The front doesn’t get as much sun, though…and that’s why it’s taken until now for the daffodils to open.

I watched them all last week as their droopy heads started to lift and and then on Easter it happened, practically simultaneously – we went out front and there they all were, open and blooming and bright and beautiful.

I just got home from work and was looking forward to turning the corner and seeing them…and they were ALL GONE.

Every single one.

They had not died, they had not dried up, they had been CUT OFF.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.  It is Brooklyn, after all.

Fortunately I have a backyard of flowers to enjoy and no one can touch those…but this really does disappoint.

At least I got to see them for one day, in all their glory.

I guess it’s time for a sign…look, admire, but please don’t pick the flowers – they are here for everyone to enjoy.