First Substantial Tomato Harvest of the Summer!

We’ve been picking and eating Sun Gold cherry tomatoes and Yellow Pear tomatoes on a daily basis for a couple of weeks now, but yesterday was the first time some of the other tomatoes were ripe and ready for picking…and all I can say is WOO HOO!!!

Those are two Early Bush ‘Goliath” tomatoes in the front.  The three large tomatoes in the back are Mortgage Lifters.  The small tomatoes in the middle are Sun Gold cherries, Yellow Pears, and Principe Borghese. 


These lovelies are San Marzano plum tomatoes – the same tomatoes that just a week or so ago were suffering from Blossom End Rot.  This time around not a single tomato (on any plant) had blossom end rot – hooray!

The slicing tomatoes were slightly split or cracked, which I understand is also a side effect of inconsistent watering (gee – I sound like a bad mother or something!  I swear, I water regularly!), but  they should still be just fine to eat, and I cannot wait to dig into them the minute I get home from work today!

Here’s the whole batch:

A little salt, olive oil, and vinegar on some of these sliced up…I’d just about call that a meal!

I was a little concerned at the beginning of the summer that I’d gone overboard and planted too many tomatoes for two people to keep up with, but I think we’ll manage just fine.   If we start getting inundated over the month of August, I certainly won’t complain!  It will just give me an excuse to start canning!

Here’s the list of the tomatoes we’re growing (one plant of each type, all in containers):

‘Sun Gold’

‘Yellow Pear’

‘Principe Borghese’

‘San Marzano’

‘Mortgage Lifter’

Early Bush ‘Goliath’