Resurfacing Before The Year’s End…

Well, it appears I have fallen off the earth and disappeared completely these last few months.  First my job got so busy that it kept me from having time to keep up with the blog.  Then I lost the job and kept myself VERY busy, knitting, canning, pickling, rescuing some cats, reading about raising goats, and – of course – gardening!

Although I must find a new job soon, I have been enjoying every single second of my “temporary retirement,” as I’m calling it, and I’m grateful to have a wonderful husband who has been willing to work some extra shifts so that I could take these last couple of months to reconnect with so many of the things I love and to do things that make me happy.  It’s been a wonderful, magical vacation.  🙂

Speaking of wonderful, here it is, days before Christmas, and I still have two plants that are blooming in my garden!!!  (the fact that it’s this warm in December is scary, but nevertheless – I appreciate the flowers.)

Here is a stubborn coneflower that went through a little revival in fall and has refused to quit.  It’s holding onto that last flower and its color as long as it can, I guess!

Here’s another one that just won’t quit – Pineapple Sage.  It has long since lost its full, lush foliage and now looks really straggly and spindly, but those lovely red flowers make up for it.

I’ve been keeping my eye out for seeds, as I definitely want to grow this one again next year – such a lovely aroma and a beautiful, easy plant. Not a single seed has appeared thus far. My friend Bev suggested it might be a sterile cross and that I should attempt a branch cutting.  I had tried that a couple of months ago with no success, but Bev gave me some instructions and tips that I’m going to follow in hopes I can get it to take this time!  It’s a keeper for sure.


By the way, those straw-covered pots in the background are full of garlic, which I planted in late October and which is already starting to come up!  No!!!  I thought it wasn’t supposed to come up until next spring…I guess it’s just been too oddly warm here?  We’ll see what happens!  In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the remaining blooms of the coneflower and pineapple sage while I get ready for THIS beauty to open:


It’s a Hellebore that I bought and planted a little over a year ago…looks like it’s getting ready to open up!

Just in time for Christmas!  I suppose that’s why they are sometimes called Lenten or Christmas Roses, huh?