Aw Shucks…I’m Versatile!

A very belated and big thank you to Donna at Gardens Eye View and Sheila at Green Place for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award, which some of you may have seen going around lately.  I try to write posts that will appeal to different people for different reasons, and I’m grateful that you two lovely ladies think they’re worth reading!

Donna writes from her heart about her life and her garden, quotes that speak to her, and she shares her poetry from time to time.  She tries to garden organically, with native plants, and to create habitats that attract and nurture wildlife.

Sheila is a gardener in Chapel Hill who writes thoughtful posts about nature, spirituality, and, of course, gardening.  Her photos are fantastic!  I’m inspired by a lot of the beautiful quotes she has too.

Here’s how the Versatile Blogger Award “rules” work:

Include the Versatile Blogger button in your post.
Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to them.  (Thanks again, Donna & Sheila!)
Include 7 random facts about yourself.
Nominate 15 other bloggers and notify them by leaving a comment on their blog.

I feel a little silly talking about myself here, so I’m going to stick with the program and be completely random.

I do like having the opportunity to share the love and recommend several blogs that I read regularly or have recently discovered and am enjoying.  To me, this is one of the biggest benefits of having this award circulating…I’ve discovered many fantastic gardening blogs that I might not have otherwise found, and I’m excited to share some of my favorites with you.

Without further adieu…

7 Random Things About Me:

  1. I really, really love animals (and no, not just cats.)
  2. I ran the 1997 Minneapolis marathon.  And I’m still proud of it.  I’m not “a runner,” so having ran/jogged/walked/trudged/slogged through 26.2 miles was an accomplishment of enormous physical and mental magnitude for me.  Some days I still think “if I could do THAT….I can certainly manage whatever is in front of me now.”
  3. I am tall.  Really tall.  Nope, taller than that…keep going…I’m 6′ tall.  Barefoot.  When I was born the doctor told my mom she had a jackrabbit.  All arms and legs.
  4. I got to work for three weeks on a hot air balloon team for the Albequerque Hot Air Balloon Festival in 1996.  A friend was getting his pilot’s license, so we got to fly (and practice landing – ouch!) a lot. (I know what you’re thinking, Donna – aren’t I afraid of heights?  Yes, yes I most definitely am.  And I continue to try to get over it.  Usually without success.)
  5. I’m an Aries.  Stubborn, headstrong, and fiery.
  6. I used to live in a cabin with no running water in northern Wisconsin, near Lake Superior.  Wood stove for heat, outhouse, hauling water in on a sled through the snow, skiing out the backdoor….ahhh……
  7. I love taking trapeze lessons.  It’s terrifying (as in my first fly I stood on the platform for nearly 5 full minutes, paralyzed, fending off a panic attack before I finally jumped!) It’s also the most exhilarating thing I’ve ever done.  The closest thing to flying!  It’s on my “get back to doing this” list for 2012.  Hands-down, the best way I’ve found to learn how to LET GO!  I even learned how to do a backflip dismount!! (it’s easier than it sounds.)  That video is too dark, so here’s one of me learning to do a catch, a year and a half ago:  (turn up the volume!)

Here are the 15 blogs that I nominate for the Versatile Blogger Award…I hope you’ll pay them a visit! (Awardees – no pressure to participate unless you want to – just sharing the love!)  In no particular order:

  1. Living Lightly In a Wavering World – excellent, informative posts from a Bozeman, MT gardner about urban gardening, sustainable living, frugality, healthy cooking and more.
  2. Bucolic Bushwick – a rooftop gardner in Brooklyn shares gardening tips, loads of DIY tutorials, ideas on cutting costs, holds seed and seedling give-aways, and links to a lot of great articles in her “Reading Roundups.”
  3. In My Garden (Country Edition) One of my favorite newly discovered blogs – Informative posts and terrific photos from an ornamental and vegetable gardener who recently moved to 3 acres of land in the country and is up for the challenge!
  4. Women Who Run With the Delphiniums – Linnie has already received this award a few times, I think, but I had to include her anyway.  Hilarious posts from an Oregan gardener about all things plants with a touch of Westie terrier thrown in for good measure.  She’s got a lot of knowledge and more than a few tricks up her sleeve.  If you haven’t visited, go now.
  5. Our Happy Acres – I’ve been following Dave’s blog for a while now and it continues to be a great resource.  Excellent posts about organic gardening, bee-keeping, bread-baking, keeping it local, seed-saving, sustainable living, and a myriad of other helpful things.  Great photos and instructions.  Plus, Dave and his wife help out feral cats so they get bonus points from me.  🙂
  6. Gardening In The Lines – Erin lives and gardens in Ontario and shares her gardening diary through this lovely blog.  She has a great “plant of the week” feature on her “Past Plants” page.
  7. The Iris and The Lily – Stunning nature photographs from a PA gardener who writes very simply and beautifully about the things that inspire her.
  8. Garden In The Woods – Another newly discovered blog from a new garden blogger who writes about gardening on her mostly woodland lot, where she provides food and habitats for wildlife.  (You should SEE how she has outsmarted the squirrels.  Whoa.)
  9. Diggin Food – terrific blog from Master Gardener, radio commentator and author Willi Galloway.  She posts about awesome DIY garden projects, kitchen gardening, keeping backyard chickens, seasonal cooking and recipes, and she’s on the board of Seattle Tilth – a great organization.
  10. Gardening In The Boroughs of NYC – a fun blog from Mimi, a relatively new gardener on Staten Island.  Mimi writes about growing organic vegetables and perennials, starting from and saving seed, and she has personally supplied me with many seeds for this coming season!  She also has some great recipes and product reviews.
  11. Let There Be Garden – Tricia and Bill are former urban gardeners who moved to the country and now have a large garden in Western NY.  Explore her site to find lots of great practical gardening info and DIY tutorials!
  12. A Gardener In Progress – This is a wonderful blog from Catherine, who gardens in the Pacific Northwest.  She’s dug up the whole front lawn and turned it into a garden!  Bravo.  Her backyard has a beautiful pond / garden, and her posts are full of wonderful pictures of plants, nature, and gardening projects.  Catherine is a bird-lover  and gardens for them as well as for her family.
  13. Gardening In My Rubber Boots – Angela is a Master Gardener in Seattle who writes  about her kitchen garden and her backyard chickens (Silkies!) She is also currently taking a bee-keeping class.
  14. Our Little Acre – if anyone has a versatile blog, it’s Kylee!  A gardener in NW Ohio, Kylee writes about life, gardening, plant and flower shows, product reviews, history, and she’s a friend to the cats!
  15. Microcosm is another newly discovered blog for me.  Stacy’s photographs are just incredible.  She’s also an excellent writer who examines things up close and personal – in the garden and in life.  A new favorite for sure!
  16. (Yes, I’m breaking the rules and including an extra blog!)  Garden On Sherlock Street has some terrific gardening ideas and info.  I love checking out her awesome plant database and keeping up with the pages for planned projects, plants that have been overwintered, food that’s been put up, recipes, and the rain gauge barrel report!

Hope you’ll have a chance to stop by and check some of these sites out.  Thanks once again, Donna & Sheila!


32 thoughts on “Aw Shucks…I’m Versatile!

  1. What a diverse life you’re living. The cabin in Wisconsin intrigues me and trapeez lessons! Wow. When I watched the circus as a child I always thought that would be too cool.
    Thank you for including me in your list of versatile bloggers. Such great blogs. I love the company I’m in. I need to check out a few on there that I haven’t visited yet. It is so fun introducing blogging gardening friends to each other!

    • Yes, I hope you will check some of these blogs out – they’re all great! I do feel that I’ve lived a pretty diverse life. It doesn’t feel very much so at the present moment, but I have had a lot of really great experiences throughout my life and am really grateful for them! You never know exactly how they’ll shape you later on.

  2. Aimee, how very nice of you! I’m so glad you enjoy my blog so much. I’ve enjoyed getting to know YOU more, because of both your blog (a trapeze artist!!) and your comments on mine. Thank you – I’m honored! And I’m going to check out the other blogs you’ve mentioned here. 🙂

  3. Aimee, I think your fear of heights has been well managed in light of your trapeze activities not to even mention that hot air balloon period. I like your writing– trying to think of how to describe it… unpretentious, fresh, funny, honest, fearless, generous… So your good opinion means a lot to me–thank you for including my blog in your list! xo L

    • As my mother would say, Gosh almighty! That is high praise coming from you, Linnie – I’m completely humbled. Aw shucks, indeed!

      As far as the fear of heights / trapezing goes, it never ceases to be terrifying. Ever. Just going up the ladder is almost too much for me. I just force myself to do it, though, because once the terrifying part is over, it’s pure, unadulterated FUN!

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  5. Thank you for thinking of me! I think it’s so cool you do trapeze lessons. It’s always looked like a lot of fun.
    This is a great way to learn about new blogs, I’ve heard of about half on here. Looking forward to reading some new ones.

    • Hi Catherine, I totally suggest doing it (trapeze lesson) if you ever have the chance – nothing like it on earth. Great for kids, too, depending on their ages. Hope you’ll find some fun new blogs here!

  6. I just discovered your fun blog. And what a perfect day to start reading, with lots of hints on other good blogs! Something about February really makes me want to start gardening, but it’s too early, so I will get my gardening fix by reading all you have to say to get started planning.

    • Welcome, Nancy! I hope you’ll find some blogs here that you enjoy! You said it – time get started planning. It’s been such a warm winter here in Brooklyn that I almost feel behind schedule!

  7. Thanks for your kinds words, Aimee. And I do have a soft spot for animals, except for those pesky deer that keep eating everything.

    FWIW, you will never see me on a trapeze. It was fun seeing you ‘fly’ though!

    • Haha – yes, I’m lucky not to have my hands full with the deer. I don’t think our troupe of cats could keep them away. 😉

      As for the trapeze, I draw the line there. You will never see me in a helicopter or sky-diving, that’s for sure. Ever.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  8. You are so welcome Aimee…I cannot believe you are afraid of heights…no way if you are up in a balloon and on a trapeze…what a hoot though…I am the short one in the crowd standing a half inch above 5 foot…and I am a Gemini ..we are a perfect balance which is why we found each others blogs…I will check out some of the blogs I don’t know…

    • Donna! Sounds like we would make a great team! And I really, honestly, am afraid of heights…can’t be near windows in tall buildings without getting dizzy and panicky. I just keep trying to make myself get over it, which is not always, perhaps, a good idea. One year I had a panic attack on the ferris wheel at coney island! What was I thinking? 🙂 Trapeze, however, is fun enough to make it worth the initial terror.

  9. Wow Aimee, thank you so much for including me on your list. I should be embarrassed to admit that I don’t do nearly enough garden blog reading – but I try to get away from the computer as much as I can! I will definitely spend some time checking out the blogs you’ve mentioned above.

    • Oh no – I should be embarrassed by how much time I DO spend on the computer / reading gardening blogs, etc. I applaud you for trying to get away as often as you can. Being unemployed now for three months has freed up a lot of time for me, so to speak, and I’ve found myself on the computer much more than usual. As Spring arrives, I’m hoping to spend more time outside and less in front of a monitor.

  10. Enjoyed your post. I followed it here from a comment you made on another blog I was reading. I like the way the internet becomes much like a pebble thrown in the water…ever widening circles and new posts to read. Have a happy day.

    • Well said, TimelessLady! It is indeed like a pebble thrown in water creating ever widening circles!

      Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you enjoyed the post and I hope you’ll find some other blogs to visit.

  11. Hello! Searched for an email for you but didn’t see one so I’m answering your forsythia question here and on my comments. 🙂
    Forsythia grow crazy fast. If the branches creep on the ground, they will root in and you’ll have a lot more quick. It seems like every place you prune, multiple branches sprout. I had to really whack mine a few years back because they were such a mess. The branches practically tie themselves into knots while growing. You can shape them if you wish. I know a garden that has them in cubes. Really. They look funny that way while blooming because to keep them that way, they cut off the bloom buds by pruning all the tips; but are fine otherwise if you want cubes. I like the long draping branches so I always prune back to another branch or to the ground. Like with lilacs. Just shape them the way you wish and cut out anything that is dead. If you feel like you mess up and cut too much, don’t panic. They will fill back in.

    • Thanks, GonSS! This is good to know. Our forsythias are BEASTS and were that way when we moved in here. I am eager to cut them WAY back and hopefully keep them a little more manageable. It’s unreal how fast they grow and how much they take over. And no, I’m not aiming for cubes. 😉 Just less beastly trees. Thanks again for the tips!

  12. Aimee, thank you so much for including Microcosm in this illustrious company! I’ve been out of commission for a few days, but really–I’m tickled no end that you enjoy my blog. Thank you.

    The trapeze looks AWESOME. Just the sense of weightlessness–not having to fuss with gravity for a while–must be so exhilarating. Working the balloon crew must have been a hoot, too. If you ever make it out here for the Fiesta again… I’m afraid not so much of heights as of falling but still have a fantasy of paragliding some day.

    • Hi Stacy – yes! I absolutely do enjoy your blog! It’s such a good reminder for me to slow down and take notice, the way you do, of the “little” things. I love how your thoughts and ponderings get right to the heart of things sometimes – so inspiring.

      Glad you are back in action again. You are a braver woman than I to even dream of paragliding. Tempting, but yikes! And yes, defying gravity, even for a few seconds up in the air, is thrilling.

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