The Faces Behind Our Organic Food

In case you are interested in checking them out, I wanted to show the faces of the farmers who came to present their case against Monsanto at NYC’s City Hall on Tuesday morning.

It is so important to know where our food comes from…having the chance to meet the people who actually grow it is a real privilege.

Last summer I was able to take a trip upstate to visit Windflower Farm, the farm that supplies our CSA program.  How wonderful it was to see the farm firsthand and meet the people who grow our food – the farmer, employees, apprentices, and the Mexican family who live and work there year round.  It was great to meet the people and see firsthand what they do and what’s involved with growing our produce  –  how and where they plant the seeds, how they manages the greenhouses, how they rotate the crops, how seedlings get transplanted (2 people sitting bent over – for hours at a time –  on a tractor attachment that moves along slowly allowing them to transplant into rows), what’s involved with harvesting, checking out equipment and learning about maintenance, how they are developing ways to run tractors off of battery power…boxing the food up for the CSA customers…hearing about the local artist they hire to drive all the produce down to NYC twice/week…

It all went a long way to making me feel much more connected to them and to the food, having seen where  (and who!) it literally comes from.

Most people aren’t lucky enough to meet the people who grow their food.  That’s why I wanted to put these face out here…these farmers came from all over the country – and Canada – to present their case against Monsanto and garner our support.  They are just some of the people who want to continue to grow safe, healthy food for us – and are now struggling to do so because of Monsanto:  (I highly recommend that you click on the first image – it will then enlarge into a slideshow that you can click through.)


14 thoughts on “The Faces Behind Our Organic Food

  1. Wow Aimee it is amazing to see these incredible people who work harder than I ever thought about working…who have such an important job and who go without recognition for all they do…who now need our undying support..this was an incredible post..thx…

  2. Great post Aimee! I love that you have highlighted the genuine farmers that make quality food for our country. I despise Monsanto and its efforts to pollute all major crops with GMO’s. I am not fully aware of how they are trying to crush small organic farmers but I can only imagine…Thanks again for the reminder, I’ll read more…

    • Thanks for checking out this post and these farmers! Monsanto is ruining lots of small family organic farms by buying up land / supplying neighboring farms with cheap, GMO seed. When the crops grow, wind naturally brings about cross-pollination…so an organic farmer’s corn, for example, is now crossed with a GMO corn, and the organic farmer is at risk of losing his/her certification. Even worse, Monsanto legally has the right (and has been using it) to SUE the farmer for “genetic trespassing” – essentially suing them for “stealing” Monsanto’s product, which is complete Bull**** to me. Anything we can to do support local farmers / organic foods is a vote against Monsanto.

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  5. How awesome that you were able to meet the local farmers who grow our food! And how cool that you were able to go to your CSA farm. It makes you really appreciate it even more knowing who grew your food!

    • Local and not so local farmers! I’m sure they don’t all supply NYC with food, but they certainly supply good, safe, healthy food all over the country and I want them to be able to continue to. Yes, visiting my CSA farm was incredible. I’m planning on visiting again this summer. So great.

  6. These people need our support and that’s why I think this year’s Super Bowl was a wonderful example of how we can help them to promote their hard work. The idea of protecting local farmers and the enviroment and presenting their results during mainstream events should become a tradition not only in the US but in other countries as well. For example, in Canada organic farming is supported by a large number of organizations but the organic food sector still needs promotion and that’s why I think sports events are one of the best ways to achieve this goal.

    • Thanks for stopping by, John! What an excellent point you make! I don’t follow any sports at all, so I had no idea there were ads advocating on behalf of local farmers and the environment – that’s great! What a terrific way to reach millions of people. I agree with you – sports events are so huge and have such a broad base, it would make sense to use that platform to promote local/organic / safe, healthy food choices (and why they are important!) Thanks for chiming in here.

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