A tour of my friend Bev’s Garden

I finally got back to PA last weekend to see my family and visit my friend Bev and her garden, which always a treat (and not just because she always sends me home with garden goodies either!)  Bev is a master gardener and I am so lucky to have her for my gardening friend and mentor.  I love “talking plants” with her  and learning from her.  Her garden never ceases to inspire me and hopefully it will inspire you too!

I have seen her garden in May and September but never at this time of year, so it was very cool to see what was happening and blooming at this time of year.

It was kind of a whirlwind tour as my bus was late and the sun was just beginning to think about setting, but I snapped as many pictures as I could, asked a gazillion questions, and just generally squealed, ooohed, and ahhhed at everything.

I don’t have any photos of her front gardens or either of the side gardens, the raspberry patch or the plants behind it – or of Bev’s fantastic, amazing compost set up and rich, black gold!

There was plenty to look at and smell just in the “main” garden out back, and that is where I took most of the photos.  I hope I’ve gotten all the names right, Bev!

Without further adieu, here is Bev’s garden!… (click on any image to enlarge)

 Annual Larkspur, purple

 Dahlia, ‘Bishop of Llandaff’, 1924 heirloom

 Clematis ‘Roguchi’

 Clematis ‘Roguchi’ close up

 Canna lily, Oxalis

 Canna Lily, burgandy foliage next to annual Cactus Flowering Zinnias

Calla lily, name unknown

 Clematis ‘Jackmanii’

Blue lace-cap hydrangea

Lacecap hydrangea and one of Bev’s many collections of birdhouses (which are used and appreciated by all kind of birds)

Annual Sweet Potato Vine with Butterflyweed (Asclepias) in background

 Assorted Sempervivums (henschicks) on rock next to purple Speedwell, Veronica ‘Royal Candles’

Birdhouse and hollow homes for beneficial insects

Bird Bath

view looking over garden to raspberry patch (covered in netting)

from the opposite direction looking back to the house.  These bright pink flowers appeared in the previous two photos.  They are Mirabilis, or Four O’ Clocks, and I don’t know which is more incredibly beautiful – the flowers or their SCENT.  I could pull up a chair next to this plant, close my eyes, and just sniff….for at least an hour.  It’s amazing.  The flowers open in the afternoon (hence the name Four O’ Clocks) and stay open through the evening.

close up of Mirabilis.  It’s scent is just as bright as its color!

Miniature Platycodon – Balloon Flower  (it was getting dark by then – sorry!)

  Lathyrus, fragrant Sweet Pea ‘Cupani’ -dates to 1699.  Another sweet-smeller!

This is yet another intoxicating, sweet-smelling sweet pea – Lathyrus,  ‘April in Paris’ growing up the trellis in front of the potting shed.  Bev has several plant sales each year, hence the collection of stacked pots under the window.  (and if you ever get the chance to go, you’ll have your socks knocked clean off.  Gorgeous, healthy plants at unbelievable prices.  If you’re in /around Allentown, PA let me know and I can put you in touch!

Bev’s rescue dog Jasmine, lounging on a bench.

Jasmine is sweet, funny, loving, adorable, and arguably more gorgeous than any flower in Bev’s garden!

Don’t let that beautiful, silly, smiling face fool you, though – Jasmine takes her job as garden protector VERY seriously.  Any small living creature that attempts to enter / live in / cause damage to Bev’s garden in any way is usually very quickly dispatched by Jasmine, who is on guard at all times….rodents, beware!

Back to the flowers…

This is Hemerocallis, Daylily, mauve with greenish-yellow eye

This beauty is Hemerocallis, Daylily, ‘Gaughin’

Bev has all kinds of small an interesting things tucked in around the garden – dishes, statues, birdbaths, sculptures…this little glass butterfly and flower caught my eye.

Daylilies, Yarrow, Purple Shamrock Oxalis, Yellow Canna Lily, and rhubarb on the left.

  Dahlia, ‘Mystic Beauty’

 row of succulents in strawberry pots

  Styrax japonica, Japanese Snowbell tree, ‘droops’ form after pollination

Shasta Daisy with Platycodon

Shasta Daisies, Platycodon and Daylily ‘Second Thoughts’

Tall summer phlox, magenta

 unusual round strawberry pot full of succulents

partial view of back garden

Bev’s garden is a visual feast to my eyes and a treasure trove of ideas and inspiration!  I hope you enjoyed the tour!


11 thoughts on “A tour of my friend Bev’s Garden

  1. Wow, Aimee. You leave me uncharacteristically speechless. Thanks for capturing these garden moments.


    Jasmine says “I know how to pose. Please get me a NYC agent so I can be in some pet commercials.”


  2. Wow, Aimee, your friend has an amazing garden and you did a bang up job photographing it on the fly in diminishing light. What an amazingly complex collection that works perfectly from every angle. I can see why she is your mentor! I especially love the Jasmine!

  3. Bev’s garden is beautiful! Glad you got to spend at least a little time with a special friend. That trelliss doo-lolly the annual sweet potato vine is climbing really caught my eye. Your shots are wonderful! It’s dumping rain here today so your virtual tour was much more cozy than my visit to my own garden! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Your friend Bev has such a fantastic looking garden, I love her bright and beautiful flowers and those pots of succulents! The bright indigo blue Jackmanii clematis looked exactly like my tibourchina which is blooming in my garden!

  5. I want to go play in Bev’s garden too 😉 It is beautiful, love the succulent pots and the sweet peas, not to mention I have complete potting shed envy! Also love the mix of plants and the meandering feel it has, seems like somewhere you could spend all day in and still have something new to find…love it! So happy you shared =)

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Mimi – She does indeed have a great eye! Glad you like the tour.

    Cathy – you are absolutely right! Bev’s gardens DO work from every angle! Photos hardly do it justice. We will add you to the list of Jasmine’s many admirers. 🙂

    Angie – YES! That trellis for the sweet potato vine is so cool! I just love it. Bev has a knack for finding the most lovely and unique things, often at rural flea markets.

    p3chandan – there is so much that is bright and beautiful in her garden – agreed! I will have to check out your tibourchina – never even heard of it! Thanks for stopping by!

    Julia – I’m with you on the potting shed envy for sure. You nailed it – I could spend hours and hours there and still spot something new. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed her garden from afar.

  7. Hi Villager – yes, Bev sure does have an incredible selection of plants – there is so much to see!

    Linnie – I also love those hens and chicks. I too have a white balloon flower and want blue! Tell Max that Jasmine appreciates his vote. She really is the belle of the whole ball there.

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