Rose of Sharon has bloomed!

We have an enormous Rose of Sharon tree in the yard that was filled with gorgeous purple flowers last year when we moved in to this apartment.  I’ve been waiting and watching for these blossoms to appear and this morning I saw a handful of them open and many more preparing to.

Like most of the other trees on the property, this one has been neglected and is not in great shape.  I didn’t have the heart to do a drastic cut back on it last year because I wanted to see if it would flower again this year.  I love the height and privacy this tree provides and I’m worried that it might not grow back.  I will likely experiment this fall with pruning some of the branches and seeing what happens next year.


5 thoughts on “Rose of Sharon has bloomed!

  1. I can almost hear the plants in your garden in the night, whispering about how lucky they are that you are living there, caring for them, appreciating them…

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