Pretty Sweet Peas

Last fall my friend Bev gave me some seeds for ‘Cupani’ and ‘King Tut’ Sweet Peas.

Sadly, only a few of the ‘Cupani’ seeds germinated for me, and they are taking their “sweet” old time growing up along the fence.

In the meantime, the ‘King Tut’ Sweet Peas have taken off and just bloomed a few days ago.  They are a shorter variety, but wow – what a unique and gorgeous color!  I just love blues in the garden, and these are so delicate and lovely…

I am so grateful for those seeds, Bev!  What a gorgeous pea!  These little lovelies are growing in a pot and climbing up a few bamboo sticks.  Very, very sweet indeed.


13 thoughts on “Pretty Sweet Peas

    • Thanks for dropping by! I had never seen blue sweet peas before either. I’m very pleased with these and hope I can get enough seeds from them to have for next year too. Definitely a keeper.

    • Thanks, Megan! They really are delightful across the board – tangly vines, leaves, and beautiful blooms. They were very easy to grow too. Next year I’m going to grow more in a few places.

    • Hey Mimi, yes – I did soak these seeds before planting. I also soaked the Cupanis, so I’m not sure why one did well and the other did not, but I’m glad that at least one variety grew. These King Tuts are awesome.

    • Hi Frances, I had never seen this color before either in a sweet pea. I’d never heard of the variety ‘King Tut’ either.

      It doesn’t grow as tall as other sweet peas, but the flowers are so unusual and pretty it’s definitely worth growing.

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