Gorgeous Mystery Vine Flowering!

Wowee – It’s been a while since I posted! Memorial Day goings on and being busy at work have kept me from my blog – and from too many other blogs that I love to visit as well.

I’m finally ready to play catch up.

There’s a lot happening in our garden right now – tomatoes are growing at an incredible rate, African Blue Basil tried to flower on me (I pinched them all off in hopes it will keep growing), the Morning Glory has triumphed over the slugs, and lots of things are gearing up to flower.

For now, I’m posting this picture of a vine that is growing back along our driveway wall. The “soil” there is pretty compacted and it’s definitely not the most ideal spot for anything to grow, yet this beauty seems to be doing just fine. I nearly pulled it a couple of weeks ago but figured I’d let it go to see what it did…turns out it does this:

Pretty cool, huh?

Anyone have any idea what it is? Or how to propagate it? It’s lovely and so far doesn’t seem invasive…I might like to see more of it around these parts!


9 thoughts on “Gorgeous Mystery Vine Flowering!

  1. Drats and double drats!

    Laura, I thank you for your suggestion to compare it to Solanum Crispum and I wish I could say that’s what it is, but sadly the prize goes to Nightshade.

    After much research and looking at images of the flowers AND leaves, there is no doubt in my mind now that this beautiful plant is indeed one and the same as the poisonous Nightshade, or “woody Nightshade.” “Bittersweet vine” is another name I’ve seen applied to this plant.

    Oddly enough, there seems to be all kinds of opposing bits of information out there…it is poisonous, it’s not poisonous….it’s horribly invasive and suffocating, it’s not invasive at all…it’s toxic to birds and pets, it’s not. Many sites say that the smell (I didn’t notice one) keeps pets and animals away. Other sites say the berries are loved by birds! I’ve also read that this is the Bittersweet used in homeopathic medicine. Some sites say that it’s not actually toxic and is confused with Atropa Belledonna, the “true” poisonous Nightshade.


    I’m inclined to believe and trust what Bev tells me, as she has had some direct experience with it (and is a Master Gardener.) I was just so hoping that it would be some perfectly well-behaved lovely perennial since it’s so darn pretty.

    Just to be on the safe side I will probably pull it (sad face). I don’t want any of the feral cats we take care of to be in potential danger, and aside from that I don’t want the plant to “go all invasive” on me and spread everywhere.

    Too bad. It sure is beautiful. Bittersweet indeed.

  2. So pretty and so sad it is going to be pulled. Take lots of picks to remember it at least =) I have never ever seen this plant before, bittersweet for sure! So happy to see the latest blog though, I hear ya, life gets busy and before you know it aggg a week has gone by. I am on vacation (blogging free vacation, so my hubby thinks…lol!) I just can’t stay away! Anyhow, loving all your mystery plants, I always learn so much! Cheers Julia

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