Official Unveiling of The Mystery Rose

It’s a mystery no more…she has started to bloom her socks off and it looks like this is just the beginning.  Three open and twenty-four more buds on the way!  I wish I’d had my camera (these were taken with my phone, so not the best quality – DRATS.) I just can’t wait to take more, though, and must share my excitement!

The red of this lovely rose has turned out to be a much different red than the garage wall behind it…much brighter and richer and alive.  I have always been drawn to lighter-colored roses, but I must admit that this one has won me over.  It’s just gorgeous and I’m so thankful for this wonderful, free gift that just came with the yard when we moved in!

We are looking forward to many more blooms – and to showing off this beauty over the weekend when have our first backyard BBQ since moving in. Just in time!


10 thoughts on “Official Unveiling of The Mystery Rose

  1. Exquisitely beautiful blooms! Looks like it might be a Chrysler Imperial but there are so many gorgeous reds out there. 😉

    You might be able to get some help ID’ing it at the BBG (Brooklyn Botanical Garden). It’s rose time there right now (I’ll be there all next week, actually). Bet their rose staff could help you sort it out.

    Either way, it’s totally gorgeous. Enjoy the bounty!

    Cathy in MA

  2. Thanks everyone! I’m just thrilled with this rose!

    Cathy – thanks for the tip on the possible Chrysler Imperial variety.

    I am a member at BBG and do hope to get out there for the roses…I’ll keep my eyes out for Chrysler Imperial and for you – thanks!

  3. I’ll be at the Rose Evening June 1…. in a wheelchair, with my mom… We’ll both be dressed for the occasion with big picture hats! It would be lovely to meet up! I’m also going to the rose fragrance lecture Tuesday PM.


    • Hahaha! I love it that you and your mom are going to wear hats! If I make it there, I’ll definitely try to track you down and come say hello. Thanks!

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