Wordless Wednesday


8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Thanks! This wisteria was growing WILD out in the middle of the woods. We discovered it about 5 miles in on a hike we took in Cold Spring, NY.

    It had climbed up several trees about, oh, forty feet high and was growing in several places along the way.

    There are ruins from the old Corning Estate and dairy farm out there, so perhaps the Cornings planted it long, long ago and it’s still growing?

    • ah I was wondering what it was, I’ve never seen wisteria in the real but from those flowers can see why people go mad over it, it looks as beautiful close up as from a distance, how wonderful that it is still growing though the gardener has long gone, I always hope that whoever takes my house when I’m gone will enjoy the trees and not cut them down, Frances

      • Oh, Frances you should SMELL it! On top of being beautiful, it also smells so wonderful. I hope one day you’ll get to!

        It’s nice to think that our plants and trees can go on to make others happy, isn’t it?

  2. Someone down the road from us has wisteria and we can smell the heavenly aroma when we got for a walk. I’ve never grown one though. It’s amazing you discovered it in the woods like that!

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