Garden Bloom Day check-in

This Tiarella (Foam Flower) plant is really small, but it’s flowering! I planted it last fall and I’m just glad it came back.

Close up of my Dicentra (Bleeding Heart). It’s another small one, but seems happy.

These Spanish Bluebells are flowering their socks off a day after I took these photos! I’ll have to update. They are gorgeous and look great. I’m hoping they will naturalize!

My teeny tiny Bleeding Heart.

Tulips, Daffodils, and Tree Peony are all done blooming. The Azaleas are very nearly done.

That’s all for now, but I see several things that I hope will bloom in the next couple of weeks!


13 thoughts on “Garden Bloom Day check-in

  1. How funny somethings are so much more ahead in blooming down state…the delicate foam flower is beautiful and I love the leaf variegation..Happy GBBD

    • Thanks, Donna. I feel as if everything is in miniature in my garden (as I’m just starting out) and I only have a few things to show, but we all have to start somewhere!

      I love that foam flower too.

    • I love bleeding hearts too, especially this dark, nearly all-pink variety I have. Can’t believe you have one that big – incredible!! I didn’t even know they could get that large! I’m heading straight over to your blog to look for photos!

  2. some lovely blooms, the spanish bluebell will most probably spread, I’ve got to dig mine up this year and divide I should have done it last year, you might get some white seedlings in years to come too, Frances

    • Hi Frances! Thanks for the info about the Spanish Bluebells. I just adore them and am glad to hear that they very well might spread themselves around. I don’t think I could have too many of this lovely perky little charmer!

    • Aw, thanks! I am so happy with this purchase. They have bloomed their socks off in every place I planted them last fall, and they are so simple yet stunning. I’ll have to post some photos of them in full bloom. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I think I have bluebell flowers in my garden that the previous owner planted, but I’m not sure. I’ll have to google it to see what they look like.

    • Mimi, you’re the best! Thanks for thinking of me! I just emailed them to see if they are still available. I’m sure I could squeeze them in somewhere! 😉 Update – I just looked them up on Dave’s Garden and nearly everyone warns against them…highly invasive…hmmm….will have to think about that.

    • Thanks, Kat! Yes, vertical is about all that’s left! Not sure how the landlord would feel about me drilling into the side of the garage, house, and driveway wall, though – hahaha.

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