Mystery Rose…what could it be?

When we moved at the end of last summer, we discovered that the previous tenants left behind a climbing rose…

I know next to nothing about roses.  This one appeared, last August, to have been fairly neglected as far as I could tell.  It did not appear to be doing well.

I tried to read up on what I ought to do with it, but it was hard to tell without knowing for sure what we’ve got!  There were a number of old, dead canes with no growth at all.  Last fall I pruned them down to the base and left only the canes that appeared to have had some growth.

So far the “mystery rose” seems to have rebounded.  This is our first spring at the new apartment, so we didn’t know what to expect from it.  In addition to lots of growth at the top, there is also a lot of new growth at the bottom – and I can’t tell if it’s from the base of the original plant or if theses are “babies.”

The white trellis they’ve used for it could stand to be adjusted (it’s tilting) but it is pretty well anchored in the ground and when I tried to pull it out I hesitated for fear of disturbing or injuring the rose.

Here she is, and I hope she’ll bloom for us!

If anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears!


12 thoughts on “Mystery Rose…what could it be?

    • Thanks, Masha. Yes, it seems to be happier now and it will be exciting to see if it blooms, what color it is, etc. By the way, if there are any rose-lovers out there, you should definitely get over to Masha’s blog, A Rose Is A Rose for some gorgeous photos and info!

  1. Well if anyone will know it is Masha so once it blooms she can help you for sure…looks very healthy and ready to finally put out some blooms…maybe??

  2. What a fun find! How exciting to think of what kind/color of rose it may be. I just hope it’s not Dr. Huey! Good job pruning. Now you just have to wait and see. I hope you love it when it blooms!

    • Holley, I agree! I feel so lucky to have been left this rose. I’ve always wanted one, and here is one already established.

      They did right by putting it in the sunniest part of the yard. I am SO curious to see what color rose someone chose to grow up against the red concrete garage wall!

      Holley also has a fabulous garden blog that often features Roses – check her out! Roses and Other Gardening Joys

    • Thanks, Hanni! I hope so too. Maybe then I’ll be able to at least narrow down what kind it might be. It’s got thorns, I know that much!

    • Hey Mimi – what an awesome score you made!! A seven-foot tall lilac and a climbing rose? Wow.

      I love Freecycle too. I used it recently to find homes for two holly bushes that I wanted to get rid of to make room for a tree peony. In fact, I’m getting ready to post day lilies…anyone in/around Brooklyn want any? We have a gazillion.

  3. From your photo, it looks like buds are forming at the tops of the uppermost canes.

    The right placement for a rose makes so much difference.

    The warmth reflected off the wall and the bright sunlight are both good, as is lots of room for air circulation to forestall black spot on the leaves.

    As canes elongate, getting some of them to travel laterally will result in more short branches along each cane, hence more flower buds along the length.

    If and when Japanese Beetles arrive to “admire” your rose flowers, hold a bucket of frothy, soapy water beneath them, bump them and they’ll dive right into it for their last bath. Or you could squish the beetles between your thumb and finger if that’s not too much of a gross-out. I like to collect beetles in the soapy bucket but not during the heat of the day because they move too fast then. They are slower in the morning and evening and easier to collect.

    I can’t wait to see the color of your rose! So exciting waiting for buds to open.

    • Thanks, Bev! As always, you are an encyclopedia of terrific information when it comes to all things garden-related.

      Yes, I do believe those are buds forming near the upper-most canes – very exciting!

      I will definitely try to see if I can train some of them to spread out horizontally…more buds would be wonderful.

      By the way, the white Autumn Clematis that you gave me last year is also planted in the same area, near the rose along that wall. I’m hoping it will come back!

      I am extremely delighted to learn there is an alternative to squishing the Japanese beetles – hahahaha! I will definitely opt for the bucket of soapy water when the time comes…thanks for this suggestion!

      Can’t wait to come check out your garden soon – I’ll have to do a post on your garden this year for sure, after your next sale. 😉

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