Tulip Mystery Solved!

The verdict is in.

Last month  when my tulips were just starting to open I had a hard time telling  which was which (you can read that post HERE.)  I had planted ‘Spring Green’ and ‘Angelique’ together in the same pots, and the first tulip to bloom looked to me like some sort of combination of them both!

Here’s a picture of the mystery tulip as it first opened:

It had the light green markings on the outer sides of the petals which looked like ‘Spring Green‘ to me, yet it was pink.  Hmm.

As it continued to open it became very clear that it was actually ‘Angelique,’ and wow  – is it ever lovely!

I love all the layers and the white base of the petals…and that beautiful golden center.

‘Angelique‘ is a shorter variety – at least mine are.  These  grew to about 12’ tall.  I planted them in containers along with ‘Spring Green’ and ‘Queen of Night,‘ both of which are much taller, single varieties.

At the time of these photos, ‘Queen of Night’ had not yet bloomed.  They are in full swing now, and I need to get some photos of them soon.

Here are the pictures I took before ‘Queen of Night’ opened:

That’s our new willow (“Fern Leaf”) privacy fencing in the background, by the way. As you can see, it doesn’t provide full privacy – I don’t think any of the rolled bamboo or willow fences do. But it does provide *some* screening and it looks better than chain link.

You can still see through it, so it hasn’t solved the problem of the barking puppy next door going crazy when he sees cats in our yard, but we still like the fence and will probably put up another one toward the back.

Actually, it’s probably a good thing that it’s not solid / 100% private – some sunlight can still get through there, and we need all we can get!

Back to the tulips:

Next time around I think I’ll plant the ‘Angelique’ bulbs by themselves, or with another shorter variety and keep the tall bulbs together.


16 thoughts on “Tulip Mystery Solved!

    • Thanks, Donna – funny – I was literally just on your blog reading about the poor Robin and her eggs. I’m hoping she’ll try again!

      Spring Green fades to white? How lovely! I can’t wait to watch it change.

  1. Thank you! My husband has been taking film footage every Wednesday morning – he’s trying to capture the weekly growth of several plants in the garden and eventually make a stop-motion film. Now THOSE pictures should be pretty beautiful! (but we’ll have to wait until the beginning of winter for them!)

  2. Thanks, Carolyn! I’m looking forward to experimenting with more tulip combos…but first things first – SPRING. 😉

    Love your blog and gorgeous garden photos!

  3. You know, I’ve been looking at other gardener’s tulips, but it just now dawned on me (sometimes it takes a while!) that I could grow them in pots! Maybe then they would return (they don’t get the proper winter chill here, but being in pots would help that!). One of those ‘why didn’t I think of that sooner?’ moments.

    • Hi Holley, thanks for stopping by! Your “why didn’t I think of that sooner” moment cracked me up – I have my share of those as well.

      Great idea, though – maybe it would help them to return…they should definitely be colder in pots than insulated in the ground.

      I was concerned about having enough sun for them, which is why I put them in containers…that way I could move them to the sunniest spot, which happens to be a concrete patio off the back porch.

      We have so much shade in our yard I didn’t think I could get away with planting them in the ground…until spring, when I had my “AHA” moment of realization…the LEAVES are GONE…and won’t fill in until AFTER the tulips bloom…which means there would have been plenty of sunlight for them in the yard…perfect timing, actually. Ah, well. Trial and error. Next year some will go in the yard!

  4. What a fun combination, I love the varying heights and the playful colors. I am looking forward to seeing your hub’s stop motion film on your plants, how cool is that!! I think I’m going to try some tulip potting this fall…love!

    • Thanks, Julia!

      I was never big on tulips until this year…I think winter was just so long I was ready for whatever color I could get!

      I’ll definitely plant more next year, both in pots and in the ground…and I hope those that are blooming now will come up again for me next year, as well as more daffodils.

      Give them a try this fall! It’s worth it!

  5. So cool! Tell me something: do Anglique tulips bloom each year for you? Someone told me that the fancier the tulip, but less long it lives….

    • Hi Diane,

      Fall of 2010 was my first time ever planting tulips!

      I am hoping that Angelique will come back for me next year…they were really lovely…kind of like a cross between a rose and a peony.

      I don’t know anyone else who has planted them to ask, either.

      Here’s hoping!

    • Hi Julie! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, these tulips are keepers for sure. I hope they’ll make an appearance for both of us next year as well!

      I love WMG and look forward to keeping up with you and your garden this year!

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