Park Slope Community Garden Hosting Plant Sale

6/15 Green Community Garden in Park Slope, Brooklyn is holding their awesome annual plant sale next Saturday, May 7th.

I had a plot in this community garden in 2008.  It’s truly a lovely garden and worth a visit whether you are interested in their plant sale or not.

If you happen to be in the market for some plants, you won’t want to miss this sale!  Members with extra perennial divisions and/or seedlings from seeds they started put them up for sale – at practically a steal of a price – and the income goes right back into the community garden…so you’re directly supporting a good cause while getting a heck of a deal on some great, healthy plants.

They also have music, a bake sale, and a BBQ in the afternoon, so you can relax and have a bite after purchasing your plants.

Here’s all the info for anyone who might be interested.  Hope to see you there!


4 thoughts on “Park Slope Community Garden Hosting Plant Sale

  1. Thanks everyone, it was a great event and I got many plants that I had hoped to find (and at great prices!)

    Janet, I agree – it’s an adorable, eye-catching poster – really stands out and helps to catch the eye. The photos on your blog, by the way, are AMAZING. Wow.

    I’m looking forward to checking them and your blog out.

    Thanks for the visit!

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