Flower Theft #1

The first flower theft of the year…and hopefully the LAST.

Last fall I planted a bunch of crocus and daffodil bulbs out front in the wells around the two trees in front of our house.

I hoped it would beautify things a bit and maybe inspire others to plant a few flowers or care a little bit about plants, the appearance of our block, etc.

I’ve been keeping them free of the inevitable trash and litter and waiting patiently for them to bloom.  The crocuses came up, but never bloomed.  Odd, since the same crocuses were extraordinarily beautiful in my backyard.  The front doesn’t get as much sun, though…and that’s why it’s taken until now for the daffodils to open.

I watched them all last week as their droopy heads started to lift and and then on Easter it happened, practically simultaneously – we went out front and there they all were, open and blooming and bright and beautiful.

I just got home from work and was looking forward to turning the corner and seeing them…and they were ALL GONE.

Every single one.

They had not died, they had not dried up, they had been CUT OFF.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.  It is Brooklyn, after all.

Fortunately I have a backyard of flowers to enjoy and no one can touch those…but this really does disappoint.

At least I got to see them for one day, in all their glory.

I guess it’s time for a sign…look, admire, but please don’t pick the flowers – they are here for everyone to enjoy.


13 thoughts on “Flower Theft #1

  1. Or something like, “just sprayed garden, do not enter.” You can spray it with water first if if helps you feel less like you’re lying.

    I had some purple tulips disappear one year that way. Pretty sure it was the neighbor girls in the rental next door. Sigh.

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  3. I have also experienced flower theft. Growing irises along the edge of the street seems to invite thieves, but I keep on doing it since that is where the full sun and good drainage exists. Sometimes I feel people must think because there are so many, it’s okay to tear off a few. Sickening!

    I have also had a thief DIG UP a plant near the street. A patch of red creeping sedum was fine one day and the next day it had a shovel-imprint and was reduced by half. !?!?!?!?!

    Really precious, or heirloom items, or those that are irreplaceable, always get a spot inside the fenced yard.

    It’s a shame not everyone knows how to respect the property of others or the beauty of nature.

    Sorry to hear your lovely daffodils went missing.

  4. Thanks, Gardener. Sadly, I doubt that people here would be stopped by a “just sprayed” or a “do not enter” sign. I think it’s just part of living in the city.

    The flowers are just planted around the bases of the trees, so there’s really nothing stopping anyone from letting their dogs pee there, from throwing their trash there. (not even an edging fence stops this.) Anyone who wants to could stoop down and cut them…I had just hoped that people would have a little more respect than that and would realize that they’re nice for everyone to enjoy when walking by.

    The worst part is that they didn’t even keep all the flowers. Some were just cut off at the head and left to fall to the ground right there, as if someone just wanted to ruin them for the sake of ruining them.

    I can’t understand it. I hope we’ll get a few more blooms.

    I’m already thinking about what I could plant there now, over the summer, that would be attractive but would not be and ideal cut flower or anything that people would want to take.

    Any ideas?

  5. Hi Bev, yeah it’s pretty disappointing.

    I’m not as surprised that it happens in the city, but in your neck of the woods, well that’s just a real bummer.

    I cannot believe someone actually took a shovel and DUG UP your sedum! That is just too much.

    I’m grateful to have a private yard where I can grow things without having to worry about people thieving them!

  6. Aimee, I need a way to reach you regarding your submission of your blog to Blotanical…I am trying to process your request but need to talk with you…can you email me please…love the blog and I would not be happy if someone were picking my flowers…people do not understand boundaries these days at all…hope to hear form you soon..thx

    • Thanks, SB. Yeah, It’s definitely disappointing. At least I have more in the backyard. Fortunately no one has come near my window boxes out front!

      I look forward to checking you out on Blotanical!

  7. Aimee, that’s awful! The mean part of me wants to suggest you plant monkshood there for the summer. They are poisoinous!

    Thanks so much for your comments on my blog! In answer to your question: I did plant the things in between the limestone in the walkway. Actually the landscapers put some ‘Irish Moss’ in (just a little bit and said it would spread very well). Last summer I added a couple of other things that I found at a nursery that were marked ‘Walkables’ because you can have light foot traffic on them. One was called ‘Wooley Thyme’ and one wasn’t marked with a real name.

    Because we shovelled that walkway off during the winter, I’m not reallyl sure how well those plants survived the winter. Still too early to say.

    Also, thanks for your comments about my cat. He is just the furry love of our lives!

    • Hi Diane,

      Your monkshood suggestion cracked me up! Yeah, I’ve had moments (a number of them) of feeling like that too.

      A few more daffodils are getting ready to open there, so we’ll see what happens! Once they’re done, I’ll try to plant something else in among their foliage – something that people won’t be inclined to pick or cut down, I hope.

      Funny – I just picked up some Irish Moss and some wooly thyme last night! We recently laid a stone path of sorts and I’m always on the lookout for “stepable” groundcovers to put in between the stones.

      I love your blog and look forward to keeping up with you (and Hudson).

  8. Cactus? Roses? Ohh I know! Stinging nettle! lol Sorry for your troubles though. It kind of hurts to find something you’ve worked for torn up for no reason. You worked hard for that.Seriously though, if you want stinging nettle seeds, I’d gather them for you!

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