In Search of The Elusive Strawberry Pot

Last summer I fell in love with the succulent-filled strawberry pots at my friend Bev’s garden.

Well, I pretty much fell in love with her entire garden, but that’s another post for another day.

I kind of haven’t been able to stop thinking about those strawberry pots all winter, though.

I want one, plain and simple.  Hens, chicks, sedums, and succulents in general were never really on my radar until I saw them at Bev’s garden last year.  Her succulent rock garden is incredible.  These photos were taken last summer:

Amazing.  And a little daunting to me.  The strawberry pot route is probably more my speed right now.

Here’s another one of hers from last summer:

Unfortunately, strawberry pots are proving to be a little hard to find.

I’ve looked all over online, and I’ve tried  freecycle and craigslist – all without too much luck.  I’ve asked some nurseries and several farmers market stands that sell plants.  None!  What’s up?

No one is giving any away, that’s for sure.   The few I’ve found are expensive…do they just cost that much?

White Flower Farm has one that is 14″ tall…for (gulp)$65.  A few other places have them, but they are “mini” pots – 10″ tall or smaller, and I’d like something a tad bigger if possible.

I’ve seen a few on Amazon that are plastic, but I want terracotta.  They also have some ceramic types…for $420.  ???

So the search continues…if anyone has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

Maybe one day I’ll get one.  In the meantime, I plan to plant make a little rock/succulent garden in a terracotta dish – just a large pot saucer.  I definitely want to have these plants be part of my garden this year!


9 thoughts on “In Search of The Elusive Strawberry Pot

  1. Wow, does she leave these succulents outdoors all winter? Or does she bring them in? We grow hens and chicks in our garden, they come back every year. But I haven’t tried any others.

    Hmm, have you tried Christmas Tree Shop? I don’t think there is one in Brooklyn, but there is one in Staten Island. They have a lot of gardening stuff this time of year. That’s where I scored this stuff for cheap!

    • I am not sure about if she leaves them there – Bev, if you see this post will you let us know what you do with all those succulents over the winter?

      Bev gave me some sedums last year that I took of their pots in fall and put into the ground…one of them overwintered just fine and the other is there but seems to be struggling a bit.

      Meems, I’ll give the Christmas Tree shop a try. Looks like they have some decent prices indeed. Yard /stoop sale season will be upon us soon too, you never know – maybe I’ll run across one there.

    • I leave mine out on the balcony every winter and they come back each spring. I started out with one and ovr the years I have a full saucer full. Sadly I lost them this year after about 10 years. Not sure if it was the long hard winter. This year was a dusy.

  2. Hello-
    The pockets of succulents in strawberry pots come out of the pots each fall and are placed into the ground to overwinter in a very sunny, mounded spot. If I don’t sell these clumps at the spring sales, I use them to refill strawberry pots early in the season, or I return them to the sedum berm (where they stay out all year.)

    The only element of the succulent “scene” to come inside each winter is the completely empty terra cotta strawberry pot itself. Leaving it filled and exposed to winter elements is asking for a big crack to develop.

    I have found over 20 strawberry pots at flea markets. I have never paid more than $8 for one, and that one is the extra-large size. Most of them were $1-$3 each. They are rarely clean or new, but they are totally serviceable and often have a lovely “ambiance” to them. Each one I have found is a unique style or height – no two alike, which I find fascinating. I had so many stacking up, I elected to sell some last year, filled. There were 2 sizes. The slightly larger sizes went for $15 and the smaller ones $12 each. There were 3 or 4 types of succulents included. One guy bought 3 of them! But I never know what is going to sell well.

    Once I found 2 strawberry pots on Freecycle. An elderly lady had two large ones, filled with dirt and totally frozen, and she gave them to me in the month of February several years ago. I defrosted them in our attached garage to be able to empty the soil out. She was exceedingly nice.

    I bet someone would jump at the chance to SWAP an old strawberry jar for something like…..FRESH FIGS ?!?!?!? Or perhaps a young fig tree? You possess the key to swapping for many lucrative items… Advertise in Craigslist’s Barter section.

    For right now, try Wal-mart’s garden section or a nursery that has an extensive container inventory. I have seen some strawberry pots recently at Wal-mart but I did not notice the price. I was buying 20-cent seedpacks !!! :>)

  3. Thanks, Bev!

    I am so envious of your access to flea markets, Bev! Oh, to have a car, to have a car…

    What a great deal you giving on your filled pots! If you were here in NYC, I have a feeling you could make out like a bandit!

    A trade for fresh figs is a great idea…but I’d have to wait until September. Still, if I can’t find one before then, I’ll be putting up a “figs for strawberry pot” ad on Craigslist for sure!

    I don’t think I can get away with trading a young fig tree…the trunks of these trees are so old and thick there really is nothing to separate out, and I’m not sure if they can be propagated from a thin branch. The landlord hacked them down so severely last fall that I’m still skeptical that we’ll even have as many branches / figs this summer. We’ll see! There are only a few sprouting out now, and it’s hard for me to imagine them producing as much as we had last year.

    No Walmarts in the NYC area. I”ll check Home Depot and Lowes, but other than pretty pricey garden centers, those are about the only other options.

    I’m hoping Charlie and I will pass some sort of country garden center / flea market on our way up to Ithaca next week, when we will actually have a rental car to use.

    I have another friend who will be keeping her eyes open when she’s upstate this spring and summer.

    Someday I’ll have one! (or two or three!)

  4. Lowes has the strawberry pots……all different sizes and colors but are kind of expensive compared to flea market prices! I too am infatuated with hen and chicks and I sell them every spring already planted in strawberry pots or herb pots. I have a variety that grows 12 inches in diameter! Just wanted to let you know Lowes will be your best bet!

    • Thanks so much, Amanda!

      Funny, I was just about to post today that I found some strawberry pots at a farmers market at a much cheaper price than everywhere else I’ve seen them (except those rural flea markets and small towns.)

      I picked up three, but I have a feeling they are going to become a little big of an addiction for me, so it’s great to know that Lowe’s also has them…there is a Lowe’s near us in Brooklyn.

      This is my first time experimenting with hens and chicks, sedums, succulents, etc. I just love their colors and textures.

      Your planted pots sounds great! Where do you sell them?

  5. I saw some terracotta strawberry pots last year at Lowes. I’m not sure but I think they were $29 or $39. Wish i’d bought them then. I want 3 & hve gone to Lowes 3 times so far this season & they hve none. They keep telling me they should b coming n but so far no luck. Hopefully they will get them. I plant white begonias n them to flank my garden gate & they look like big snowballs & glow at night. 2 years ago both got broke & i hvnt been able to replace. Keep looking!

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