Belated Bloom Day

Well, I’m a little late getting my bloom day post up, but wanted to at least have an account of what’s happening in the yard right now.

I’m very excited because the daffodils I planted last year have come up and are gorgeous, and the tulips are just getting ready to pop!
Unfortunately it poured rain yesterday so the flowers were still mud-splashed today when I had a chance to get some pictures. They are still lovely, and it’s literally a dream come true to be able to look out a back window into our very own yard and see them there.

Narcissus Accent (bulbs purchased from Easy To Grow Bulbs):

Too bad they are a bit mud-splattered! I wish they’d lift their heads a bit higher…they seem to droop down a bit. I am really in love with their colors, though!

Here is Narcissus Curlew (purchased from White Flower Farm):

Again, mud-splattered, but I do like their light, lemony-yellow color very much.

Here are the muscari – Grape Hyacinth Latifolium (bulbs purchased from Easy To Grow Bulbs):

I am hoping they will multiply a bit next year…maybe I’ll plant more bulbs in the fall too.  I’m really enjoying them and would love to have a bigger patch.

Last fall I planted the following tulip bulbs in containers:

Angelique – a lovely semi-double pale pink tulip

Spring Green – a soft cream with subtle pale green sort of “stripes” along the outer edges of the petals

Queen of the Night – a dark, almost black tulip

Queen of the night got planted all alone in one pot, and I planted two more pots with a mix of Angelique and Spring Green. They’ve all been forming flower heads and today one of them began to open:

It is gorgeous, but what the heck is it is what I’m wondering!  My first guess is Spring Green – it’s the same shape (at least right now) and it has that pale green accent on going down the center vertically on the outside of each petal…but pink?  Every photo I’ve seen of Spring Green Tulip is either white or a creamy color, but not pink.

Could it be the Angelique?  I think it’s got to be the Spring Green…maybe the pink will fade to more of a cream?

I guess time will tell! Either way, it sure is lovely and I’m looking forward to all three containers blooming soon.

When I received my order of bulbs last fall from Easy To Grow Bulbs, they had included an “Adventure Pack” of 10 unidentified bulbs for me to try.  These “mystery bulbs” have come up and I *think* that they are some variety of crocus…not sure.  Anyone out there know?

They grow very low to the ground, open in sun and close up when shaded.  Here’s one closed:

And here they are open:

I just love them! They look like little lily pads to me.  They are really only about 2 inches above the ground – I like how they just sort of blend in, especially when they are closed, and then the sun comes out and you get these big, bright yellow stars.

That’s it as far as blooms that have come up from last year’s plantings – there are more blooms in the yard, but these are potted plants that I could not resist buying at the farmers market this past week.  (long winter + cold, slow spring + desperate need for more color = impulse purchases)

I got mostly tulips, which is odd since I’ve never considered myself a huge tulip fan.  Now that I have a yard, I’m suddenly more appreciative of their form and the variety of their shapes and splashes of color.  I’m really hoping that they will come up for me again next year.

Here’s the farmers market booty:

These large pink tulips really brighten up the driveway.

This is Siberian Squilla, which I put in a shady spot just outside our kitchen window. They are small, but bright enough for us to see from the kitchen. Again, I’m hoping they will continue to come back each spring.

More tulips.  These are deep crimson with a slightly ruffled edge and yellow inside.  Another attempt to brighten up the driveway and side garden:

Back in the yard, near the Narcissus Curlew, more farm market tulips – reddish orange and yellow.

A slightly lighter colored version of them – I’m told they are doubles:

They liven up the area back by the fig tree and cat shelter, at least until other things start to come up and fill in.

These are along the garage wall in the SW corner of the yard.

There are some pretty shady areas of the driveway, so I also got a small azalea.  I know the blooms won’t last terribly long, but it will be a nice punch of color out our kitchen window and will help to perk things up out there:

I guess it’s cheating a bit, but it sure is wonderful to have some instant color out there.  Spring seems to be taking its sweet old time here (which isn’t a bad thing – I’m just impatient!)  I have to say it’s great to look out the window or walk out into the yard and see so many little bright spots among the trees and along the borders.

They’ll tide me over until other thing start filling in…and until my next shopping trip to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden plant sale in a few weeks!  I am literally counting down the days. (16 to go…)


8 thoughts on “Belated Bloom Day

  1. Thanks, Bev – my mystery bulb certainly does look like the “Tulipa tarda” pictured in the link you gave. Mine seem a little bigger and more yellow, but very similar – that must be it!

    Thanks for solving another mystery for me!

  2. How lucky that you have such a substantial backyard in Brooklyn. When we lived in Brooklyn, we didn’t have a yard. So we didn’t do any gardening. Except having indoor plants. I love daffodils, tulips and hyacinths. I have to plant a lot more for next year. How large is your fig tree? Do you wrap it in the winter?

  3. Thanks, Meems!

    We are lucky indeed. We just found this place last summer and moved here in August. I was determined to find a place to rent with a backyard…and we really hit the jackpot.

    The yard has several trees, an Annabelle Hydrangea, and FOUR fig trees! Three of them are brown figs that are ripe in August and September…the fourth tree is a white fig (more like light green) that isn’t as sweet and ripens in October.

    All of the fig trees are really old and well established. The biggest one is about 50 years old, our landlord tells us. I’m not sure if they needed to wrap them when they were first planted, but they don’t do a thing to them anymore, other than prune them.

    The only thing they told us to do was to take all of the fallen fig leaves and pile them up on the base of the tree – no wrapping necessary.

    I almost fell over when I saw how drastically he pruned them, though – he just about cut them all in half – literally. He keeps telling me they will grow back quickly (about 5 feet this year)…I’m hoping he’s right!

    Funny, I never considered myself a big fan of tulips or daffodils, but now that I have a yard to put them in I am all over them! I just appreciate that early splash of color so much – it is amazing to look out the window or sit in the yard and see them. They’re so cheery – exactly what we needed after this long winter.

    I also plan to plant more this coming fall…maybe if I can get enough people together it would be worth it to do a bulk order somewhere….

    Can’t think about fall just yet, though!

  4. Oh wow, they prune it down to half!! I’m shocked! I had no idea you could do that. I just bought a dwarf fig tree, it’s only 1 foot tall. I’m totally hoping for fruit this year, but I am not holding my breath. Last year, I got a great deal on bulbs, around early November, a lot of bulbs go on sale, so I bought some for 75% off. Buying in bulk sounds like a good idea too!

  5. Hello. I just discovered your blog on blotanical. The pink/green/ivory tulip you have looks very much like one I had at my former house. I purchased it and remember the name was ‘Greenland’. Maybe you could google that and see if it looks like yours. It certainly looks like the one I had.

    Sometimes I’ve noticed that the same tulip goes by different names in different regions though.

    Happy Gardening!

  6. Howdy, Diane!

    WOW – your ‘Greenland’ tulip sure does look like the one in my photo! (and it’s gorgeous!) I have since found out that my tulips are the ‘Angelique’ bulbs that I purchased and planted last fall.

    I haven’t had a chance to update the post yet, but you’ve just reminded me! Thanks!

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