She Certainly Can…Can-Can…

Ella Fitzgerald, anyone?  We may not be “having a heat wave,” but I am looking forward to warmer weather and canning!

It’s been years since I’ve canned anything.  There’s something about those finished jars all lined up that is so lovely and satisfying…I’m hoping that between our CSA weekly produce and the veggies we grow ourselves we’ll be able to can a few things besides FIGS.

Come August and September, I suspect I’ll be googling every fig recipe out there and working on a few fig jam recipes…here’s hoping all my friends and family like it, because I’m pretty sure that’s what everyone will get for Christmas this year!

Mr. B and I moved into a place last year that has 4 really old, healthy, and well established fig trees on the property and last year we literally couldn’t give them away fast enough.  Birds, squirrels, neighbors – together we were no match for the trees, which continued to produce figs faster than we could keep up with.  Purple splats stained the yard and walkway.  There were many happy insects in our yard.

THIS year, I’ll be prepared…with jars, lids, and a new pressure canner.  Here’s the one I’m looking at:

It’s an All American, and it gets pretty rave reviews.  People seem to like that it doesn’t use a gasket – fewer parts to wear out and replace down the line, solid construction, and a good guaranty.  These beasts (and they are big) seem to last forever.

While it will hopefully solve the problem of what to do with all those FIGS, it sure doesn’t solve the “but where are we going to PUT it” issue.  Sigh.

Still, it will be worth it to can up  some pickles, green beans, pesto, roasted peppers, and my husband’s amazing tomato sauce!

Anyone else out there thinking ahead?  What are some of your favorite things to can?


3 thoughts on “She Certainly Can…Can-Can…

    • And I’m jealous of your peach tree! Sure hope it comes back this year. Maybe we can do a fig/peach trade…last year we couldn’t get rid of the figs fast enough.

  1. I would love to do a trade of fruit. Unfortunately though, our peach tree is super small and last year only about 8 peaches were growing. We didn’t get to taste any though because we had a rough storm knock off all the peaches. So frustrating. This year, we are planting an Asian pear tree and a currant bush. I can’t wait to get them in the ground. Right now, they are on my porch, waiting to get planted.

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