New Beginnings…

Although there is the threat of snow this coming Friday, I’m choosing to think of this as the beginning of Spring.

Expected snow aside, all signs are pointing to yes (as my old magic 8-ball used to say):  the birds are getting raucous, the tips of our forsythia are starting to burst into neon yellow, and the bulbs I planted last fall are on the way up – the crocuses have been blooming for weeks.

It’s the time of year when I stand and gawk outside other people’s houses, eyeing their already-blooming tulips and daffodils and surreptitiously snap photos of their birdhouses, window boxes, and blooms.

It’s also the time of year when I need to take stock of what’s been done out there in the yard, and what needs to happen next….I’m hoping this blog will help me keep track and that it will be a place to share information, ideas, and inspirations.

Last year was a big year…Mr. B and I got married in spring and then moved into a new apartment in August that has a backyard!  It was becoming necessary, if we were to stay here for any length of time, that I have access to some sort of outdoor space.  Getting my hands in the dirt is a must.  Watching things grow is necessary.  Feeling like I can get outside without having to leave my own house is important to me.

We were really lucky to have found a rental apartment with such a great private outdoor space (You mean it’s all ours?  We don’t share it with anyone?  I can plant whatever I want?)

Some completely unexpected bonuses are the driveway, which nearly doubles my perennial planting space, the GARAGE (what???) which provides incredible storage for and access to all things garden (and cat rescue) related, and the four healthy, well established FIG TREES in the yard!

At the end of last summer we ate figs until they were practically coming out of our ears.  We called friends over to climb a ladder and pick them.  We gave them to neighbors.  We gave them to people we didn’t know. The birds ate half of them.  And still…we had figs.  And they kept on coming, for at least a month.

This year I’m getting a pressure canner.  Guess what I’ll be giving out for Christmas this year?  Fig jam, anyone?

It seems a long way from now until the time when we’ll have figs again, and there is an incredible amount of work that needs to happen…we have lots of ideas and plans and dreams, and if we can get just half of them done I’ll be really happy.

For now, I’m just grateful our yard no longer looks like this:

Just to be clear, that’s actually a BENCH underneath those fallen branches…you can only see the top of it underneath all that snow.  Here’s the same bench last fall before the snow buried it:

As much as I love the snow (and having lived in Minnesota for years, you learn to love the snow!), I have joined the ranks of those who are officially “done” with winter.

Bring on Spring, please.  And soon.



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