Three so far!

Remember this guy?

Well, he was the first guy to wander into my traps early this morning.  Hooray!  I got back too late from a rehearsal last night to put traps out and decided to wait until early morning, when I’d have a bit more light to see and when the chances of the cats showing up would be greater – they seem to like our porch and yard in the early morning and afternoons.

It only took about 60 second from the time I set the trap, walked away, grabbed my cup of tea, and sat down.  I checked the time on my phone and as I did so heard the trap snap shut.  I couldn’t believe it – this is record time when it comes to trapping cats.

Minutes later I got an older cat who, sadly, has no tail.  We call him General Sherman.  He’s a regular in our yard, and who knows how he lost it, but he’s only got about a 4-inch stub of a tail left.  It must have happened a long time ago because it’s completely healed and he seems otherwise healthy.  I was happy to see that his eye was not infected after all – it had looked suspicious to me last week.

There were a couple of other cats who smelled the tuna and started coming around, but I only had one trap left.  I ended up catching a large, all black male.  (I think.)

They are now safely tucked away in their traps on a plastic-lined table in the garage.  Their traps are covered, which helps them to calm down and not be so frightened, and I have fresh layers of newspaper inside for their comfort and for absorption.

They have water dishes and bowls of canned and dry food, although they hadn’t touched any of it by the time I left for work.  This is completely normal.  They are too freaked out right now to eat, but after a few hours go by  they should relax a little more and I expect I’ll find empty bowls when I get home from work.

I’m hoping to catch another two or three cats tonight, and I’m so happy they will be able to get neutered, free of charge.  In addition to cutting down on the potential kitten-production, neutering them should also help to stop them from yowling, marking territory, and fighting with each other.

I’m so happy it didn’t rain and grateful that it was so quick and easy to get these three…sometimes it can take literally all night.

Updates tomorrow!


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