Hoping the rain will hold off!

I was lucky enough to get 5 slots on the ASPCA mobile spay/neuter truck this Thursday morning, which means that tonight and tomorrow night I will be attempting to trap some of the feral cats in our yard – provided the weather holds out.

They almost never come out in the rain.  A few years ago I managed to trap one in a downpour, but only because I literally had the trap out under my window, where I could cover it and keep a constant eye on it (normally you would stay out with the trap and never leave it unattended).  There was a very pregnant cat in our neighborhood and I wanted to get her before she had her kittens outside, hidden away.  It took nearly two days, but I knew eventually, as pregnant as she was, she was not going to be able to ignore her hunger any longer…and sure enough, we got her.

I’m hoping for dry weather the next two nights so that I’ll stand a better chance of catching a few of these guys.  Better to do it now before it gets cold.  Appointments are sometimes hard to get, so it will be a bummer if I can’t make use of the ones I have.

I’d be happy if I get at least 2 or 3…I can always try again next month.

Not much news in the garden this past week…with all the rain and with my brother visiting over the weekend, there wasn’t much opportunity to do anything out there.  The plants I put in are doing well, though, and the cats and raccoons have so far left everything alone.

Once it looks like we’re going to go a few days without rain I’ll plant some of the seeds that Bev gave me.  How much am I looking forward to next spring?  Very much!


2 thoughts on “Hoping the rain will hold off!

  1. Thanks, Diane!

    The cats break my heart, and Brooklyn has no shortage of ferals and friendly homeless cats.

    Since we moved into this place in August of 2010, I have had 11 cats spayed/neutered in our yard. There are 6 more cat in the yard, but they were already TNRd when we moved in. We feed them all and have shelters for them to use in the winter.

    It makes me happy to see them every day and know that as much as can be done for them is being done.

    There are so many who need help it’s just too much to think about sometimes. Every little bit helps, and I’m glad that at least these cats are cared for, and that there are people all over who take care of cat colonies too.

    Thanks for caring!

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