Back Porch Flowers

I know it’s late to be getting any herbs, but a couple weeks ago I got some small ones and potted them up out on the back porch along with a few flowers.  I just couldn’t resist the urge to have something growing out there – I don’t want to have to wait until next year!  I’m hoping that some of the herbs can grow inside in a sunny windowsill over the fall / winter…if not, we’ll just snip them up and cook with them.

Here’s what’s on the back porch:

some sage and oregano mixed in among pots of geraniums and ornamental chili peppers.  I took the photo before cleaning up my compost – bin supplies, which you can see on the ground.

I am hoping that next year I can (or the landlord will) paint that porch to match the house…it sure could use it.

Here’s another view:

That’s a night-blooming Jasmine plant on the left, a lavender in the middle, and a lemon verbana on the right…with some rosemary in front.  The small fern – looking plant on the right in front is a Painted Fern which will go into the yard once I get a handle on what plants I’m going to have and what is going where.  🙂


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