First casualty…

Well, it didn’t take long.  I think I’ve lost two of the bright pink ‘Million Bells’ in one of my window boxes.  It has been hot and I guess the lesson here is that they need to be watered much more frequently since the boxes are small and there’s really not a ton of soil in there to hold water.  Sigh.

Must get a watering can with a long neck!  That way I can water them from outside the house which will be easier than removing the screens and watering from inside, which is what I’ve been doing since my pitcher / sprinkling can won’t fit through the window bars from outside.

We’ll see if they bounce back after this morning’s watering.  If not I guess I’ll have to replace them.

The back porch container garden is doing fairly well – the herbs are happy, the tiny chili peppers are happy, and my night-blooming Jasmine is about to flower…but my geraniums…not so good. They are getting a lot of sun, which I thought they liked, but the flowers seem to be drying up even though the soil has been kept moist.

Trial and error, I suppose.  Maybe I’ll try moving them somewhere else…


2 thoughts on “First casualty…

  1. Hi –
    Your geraniums (Pelargoniums) will shed blossoms regularly and should make more right away. Snap off the leafless stem plus the blossom (by hand) to clean up the plant then look for new blossoms coming on. Resist overwatering geraniums BUT with the heat this week, they may need a drink once a day, especially if the pot is terra cotta. Remove the saucer under the pot if there is one, allowing excess water to flow away. Yellowing foliage means too much water. :>) Good Luck !!

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