Hello world!

They arrived in yesterday’s mail, new and bright and, well, very RED.  My new garden clogs are the realization of a dream – truly.  Last month my husband and I moved into an apartment with <gasp> a backyard…which is somewhat of a rarity here in Brooklyn.  Suddenly worlds of previously unknown opportunities are possible…backyard BBQs, sitting on a back porch during a rainstorm – and – GARDENING.

I grew up with a vegetable garden and spent a few years over college reading lots of gardening books and dabbling in growing various herbs and veggies.  Never before, however, have I tried my hand at perennials…never before have I stayed in one place long enough to try!  Now, at long last, here is my chance. Herbs and vegetables are still on the list, but oh, how my little heart sings at the thought of possibly having peonies, irises, lavender, hydrangeas, poppies, and who knows what else?

I can’t wait to learn, to experiment, to create, to play – and to work!  I’ve been eager for a long time now to get my hands back in the dirt.

This is a period of learning for me – what can I grow?  What kind of soil do we have here?  How much sun do certain areas get throughout the day and when?  What can I put in yet this year for next year?

So much to consider, and so much is new to me…including having a blog! I’m hoping to share, garner, and exchange inspiration here – not just limited to gardening, but I have a feeling it will be taking up a lot of my spare time and daydreams for a while…


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